Bring Back The Mystery as a Singer or Rapper

Bring Back The Mystery as a Singer or Rapper

The concept of mystery has fallen by the way-side with today’s artists, mainly due to the advancements of technology (notably social media). Everyone’s entire life is displayed directly on social media… and it devalues the “exclusivity” of some major artists. When people are wondering what you’re up to (a la Michael Jackson), that’s when you have their FULL attention. Adele does an amazing job at this.

It’s just like a guy trying to talk to a girl… if he’s over the top and talking too much/giving too much information/calling too much when they first meet, it’s usually a turn off for the girl (unless they’re the PERFECT match) because there’s no room for imagination. She knows everything about him, including his next actions & words. There’s no fun in knowing what’s coming next.


As an artist, you have to be the opposite of that pesty guy that tries too hard. Keep your fans guessing what you’re up to, and what’s next… but all this comes later after you’ve built a solid fan-base of course.


We don`t want any more top-down approaches